The Behaviors That Deliver Promotions

Those who advance in their careers tend to share a few qualities, along with certain behaviors that make them highly promotable. We’re doing our best to emulate the following promotion-worthy traits and habits around the High Kalibur office.

Optimism is one trait you’ll see in the most promotable professionals. They bring a positive attitude to every new challenge, which inspires the people around them to aim higher in their own efforts. Top decision makers also take note of optimistic attitudes. After all, they’re essential to becoming a strong business leader.

People who get promoted on a regular basis also boast a high degree of adaptability. We’re working to improve our own agility so we can handle whatever the market throws at High Kalibur and the brands we represent. In the long run, we know this quality will also put us in better position to get promoted.

Promotions also come to those who apply long-term planning to their careers. We do our best to think about the big picture with every decision we make rather than go with whatever is best in the short term. Being several steps ahead of the game is a key leadership trait that supervisors are bound to notice.

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